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New Blog Challenges Start April 15!

New Blog Challenges Start April 15!.


Kids Academy App Review

Coupon Crazy Mommy

I downloaded this great Preschool game for my 5 year old daughter on my iPad today.


It is called “Preschool Kids Games & Kids Puzzles for curious girls and boys” by Kids Academy Company.

It is found on iTunes here and it’s FREE!

Kids can learn so much with this free app. It has lots of interactive games that teach the alphabet and phonics.


There is a tracing activity which shows them how to draw the letter the proper way. (Yes, we are listening to Frozen while tracing…it’s all we ever listen to lately!)

This educational app is based on Montessori style learning. It has matching, letters, quizzes and logical math games for toddlers and  kindergarten aged children.


Kids will improve on number and letter recognition as well as phonics with this by thinking its a game! There’s so much to do on this app, they won’t get…

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Three Bloggers Making a Splash

The Blog

We often say that blogging is about community. The blogs we feature today show just how big that community can become. From award-winning essays to creative infographics, these stories connected with audiences the world over.

Mary Laura Philpott , an author and the editor of online literary magazine Musing , often reserves her funniest material for her blog,  I Miss You When I Blink .

mary laura philpott Mary Laura Philpott, in a photo taken by her son.

Last month, she wrote a piece for the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, “Raising, and Understanding, the Class Clown,” where she talked about humor, parenting, and how both she and her son use laughter to cope with stressful situations.

Kenan Malik, who blogs at Pandaemonium, teaches, writes on culture and politics, and is a presenter on BBC Radio 4. In a blog post published last Fall, In Defense of Diversity, he discussed the recent history of…

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Keratin Hair Volumizer, just 1 of 26 prizes in the “Becoming Healthy” Giveaway!

Coupon Crazy Mommy

All-natural solution for strong, lustrous, thick, healthy hair that starts from the inside

See the article in Vanity Fair naming this the #1 recommended hair product

Vanity Fair Article

How Does It Work?

Keratin hair volumizer is an all-natural solution for strong, lustrous, and thick healthy hair that starts from the inside. Dry, brittle,thinning hair is associated with a lack of nutrients thatare essential to strong and resilient hair. Keratin HairVolumizer contains clinically proven ingredients toenhance hair strength and reduce normal hair loss.*

Key Ingredients:

Cynatine HNS Solubilized Keratin: The ability to convert natural keratin into a functional form that is bio-available to the body is a recent advancement. Cynatine HNS® is solubilized enabling it to be both bioactive and bioavailable in the body, which allows it to bind with hair. Cynatine HNS® has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss from washing, improve hair strength and improve…

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