#ROW80 Writing Challenge


winter writing challenge winter writing challenge

I just read in a fellow blogger’s post about the ROW80 challenge. I have just started a practice to improve my writing by creating poetry and art.  I had not planed to commit to a daily routine, but I am finding that starting the creative day by drawing, editing photos, and making visual art I am more likely to be observant for the day. Observant includes in this case a full attention to detail as I go through my life, and easy flawless observance of boundaries I have set.  Since the group is making personal goals a shared conversation, observant will also mean that I pay attention to my fellow writers and the way they express themselves.  This idea arrived at a most propitious time, since 80 days of tracking my goal of a more poetic life will give me a good jump start to a…

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Three Bloggers Making a Splash

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We often say that blogging is about community. The blogs we feature today show just how big that community can become. From award-winning essays to creative infographics, these stories connected with audiences the world over.

Mary Laura Philpott , an author and the editor of online literary magazine Musing , often reserves her funniest material for her blog,  I Miss You When I Blink .

mary laura philpott Mary Laura Philpott, in a photo taken by her son.

Last month, she wrote a piece for the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, “Raising, and Understanding, the Class Clown,” where she talked about humor, parenting, and how both she and her son use laughter to cope with stressful situations.

Kenan Malik, who blogs at Pandaemonium, teaches, writes on culture and politics, and is a presenter on BBC Radio 4. In a blog post published last Fall, In Defense of Diversity, he discussed the recent history of…

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